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There are several ways to reduce your Insurance premiums, and by implementing these methods you can save yourself thousands a year.

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There are several ways to reduce your Insurance Premiums, and by implementing these methods you can save yourself thousands a year.


Most claims are subject to an excess which is stipulated in your policy. If you opt for a higher excess, your monthly premiums will be less. In an average policy the excess is usually between 750 and 1000. If you make your excess 2000, you will also protect your no-claim bonus, by not claiming for small amounts during the year, which will result in your premiums being lowered the following year.

Market Value

The replacement value of goods, increases all the time. The only exception is Motor Vehicles. Make sure you car is only insured at the market value. A car you bought 5 years ago will not have the same market value today. So check with your broker or insurance company that you are only paying for the market value and that it is reduced on an annual basis.?

Specified Items

Most Insurance Companies require you to Insure specific items in your policy. i.e. – Jewellery, Glasses, Cell phones etc. Make sure that if you no longer own these items, that you have them removed from your policy. There’s no point paying cover for something you don’t own anymore.


By installing the following security measures, your are reducing the risk of loss, and will result in reducing your monthly premiums.

Burglar bars
Alarm System and Armed Response
Security Gates
Motor Vehicle
Alarm, Immobilizer or Gear Lock
Satellite Tracking System
No-Claim Bonus

Your monthly premiums are directly related to your number of claims you submit. The less claims you submit, the lower the premiums. Most insurance companies offer a discount on household and car insurance if no claims have been submitted. Policyholders can earn such a bonus on the basis of a claim-free history.

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