Website Design – Steps to Remember

Designers design their websites to attract more and more traffic to their websites. There are many ways to promote and market a site to get traffic like Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing techniques. However, here my main focus is not on those SEO and internet marketing techniques, I will discuss a very basic and major factor for a search engine-friendly website i.e. website Design. There are certain steps and things to remember while designing a website to make it search engine friendly because a poorly designed website means low ranking which means less traffic and ultimately you will lose your potential visitors.

No matter you have written the best content and kept your focus on the highly target keywords on the internet, if your website is visually rough and rasping and has a very confusing navigational scheme, your potential traffic is gone astray.

Steps to Remember for search-friendly website

The very first thing to remember is, it’s not only the human that visits your site but also the bots that keep on visiting the site after some time. You have to design the site by keeping in mind both the human visitors and search engine spiders or bots.

These are basic factors that you have to keep in mind to make the search engine happy

o Site-map & Robot.txt files
Don’t forget to add the XML or HTML file of the site map in your website design. This site map acts as a road map of your site. You can create sit map.XML file very easily through one of the tools easily downloadable. Now comes the robots.txt, always add this file in your website main folder while submitting your URL to the search engine. You can write this file yourself or can get it from the net; this file is specifically written for search engines.

o Title & Meta Tags
Some of the content on your website is specifically written for the SE(search engines). There are many tags in your design code that normal visitors didn’t see or notice but crawlers’ main focus would be on that content. Meta description and Meta Keywords are examples of such content. Meta Keywords are written specifically for the search engines, the visitor has nothing to do with it, similarly the Meta description of the website is written by keeping in mind the SE. Take your time to write the contents of these tags and the title tags as there would be much effect on your site with these contents from the eyes of search engines.

o Make Clear Navigation
If you want to avoid the “page not found” error then make your site hierarchy clear and consistent. There must be a link from every page of your site to any page of your site. Spend your time to make the navigation clear as with bad navigation your ratings would affect the eyes of both visitors and search engines.

It’s a tricky balance
There would be no confusion that you have to design your website for both the SE and the visitors. Always keep the user and search engine in mind, if your site is more user-friendly and less search engine-friendly then in my view it would not be a good design and vice versa will also not be recommended, that s why I wrote that it’s a tricky balance.
If you keep these basic factors in mind then it will be a good start for you.

o Both the computer program and searchers love contents
o Targeted keywords power listing and searcher will find you through targeted keywords.
o A poor design is not acceptable by both SE and searcher
o A clear navigated site will attract both the SE and searchers.

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